How can I better understand my talents? 
What should I do with my CliftonStrengths assessment? 
Where is my greatest potential?
Why should I work with a Gallup certified coach?


Self-directed online course over a 20 week period.


Being able to work with a tool that was developed with over 30+ years of research, allows people to have confidence in the results that are generated from the assessment. Having the opportunity to unlock and understand your areas of greatest potential is invaluable.


This five-month immersion to strengths-coaching integrates the principles of Strengths-based Development, allows an individual to Name, Claim & Aim their talents (the three stages of development) through an online course developed by a Gallup-certified strengths coach.


You will learn how to interpret their reports, how to launch the discovery of their top 5 themes and how to get started in your journey to transform your natural talents into intentional strengths. You will learn how to apply your talents to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.


What You Can Expect

During this 20-week immersion to strengths coaching, you will learn the principles of Strengths-based Development, increase your understanding of the top 5 themes, better comprehend how they are present in you and discover how to put them into action.


During this course, you will gain:

  • insights into your natural talents by working with their CliftonStrengths Signature Themes Report and your Strengths Insight Report
  • an understanding of how strengths develop
  • the ability to harness your talents and strengths for greater personal productivity and engagement
  • tools and insights that will help you use your natural talents to fulfill their goals and achieve your greatest potential
  • actions and activities to develop your talents into strengths


You will receive a CliftonStrengths Top5 assessment, a 5 minute introduction call, a 30 minute coaching call  and access to the 20-week program.


* Prices shown are in US dollars. 

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